– Certified Angus –

On their family farm in Wingeel, Leanne and Rohan are “certified” Angus farmers and some of the first farmers to join the herd back in 2012. 

They are passionate about their Angus cattle, and their farm, just outside of Geelong, and conscious of sustainable herd management and pasture improvement. 

Leanne is one of those crazy horse women and divides her time between a job, her horses and the farm as so many local farmers do.

Rohan is a born and bred farmer, from a dairy farming lineage; managing cattle flows through his veins and it shows in the quality of the Broadview Herd.

Prior to Sage, they were selling through saleyards, but that didn’t sit right with the philosophy of how they raised their herd…insert Sage and a supply alliance as well as a wonderful friendship was struck.