Fox Creek

– Kate and Frank –

Frank and Kate are an English and American couple who are farming in Australia, Ormsley. On their 500 acre Geelong farm, Fox Creek, they raise Ardeno Hereford cattle. They are passionate about land management, as evidenced by their demonstrated sustainable grazing practises.  A live example is their herd size which they maintain at levels that are practical not only for good times but also for the leaner times as well.

Frank and Kate joined Sage late in 2014 and have had their beef featured on the menu at Farmer’s Place in Angelsea Rd Torquay.   They joined Sage after learning about it through local farming networks.

They were thrilled to have a viable alternate to saleyards and the possibility of live export of the stock they had so lovingly tendered.  They love Sages supply processes where cattle move as stress-free as possible from farm to abattoir.