Sage Farmers- the best kind of farmers

 It takes a special kind of farmer to be a Sage Farmer…..


They must be passionate about farming – real farming, that means putting animal husbandry and ethical treatment first. Every farm needs to make a profit to be viable – though Sage Farmers won’t do it at the sake of the animals that are entrusted to them. We treat our cattle and lamb as animals in a paddock – not numbers in a spreadsheet.


 They understand that Sage is a small but real paddock to plate company – and they work closely with us to supply 100% grass-fed cattle and lamb. This is no easy feat in Australia’s often tough conditions. For this trust in us – we repay through agreed prices, no commissions or transport fees.


 They are all bloody good folk – and believe in 100% grass-fed farming.

*Check out our Farmers’ Profiles below to put a face and a story to our amazing beef and lamb*

Do you have what it takes to be a SageFarmer?

There’s always room in the herd for more like minded farmers who want to be part of the Sage journey.
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La Finca – Hereford & Hereford / Braunvieh cross

The original Sage Farm, located in between the thriving Bannockburn and the lovely Leithbridge, La Finca is the home of Farmer Chris and his family. La Finca also hosts Sage’s on farm processing facility (PrimeSafe accredited). Whilst the property is modest in size, supports a herd that is 100% grass fed, all year round, thanks to Chris’s farming practises which include a purpose built fodder solutions unit which is used to provide green grass to the La Finca herd.
The key principle at La Finca is sustainability, from the Land for Wildlife revegetation practices, to the 240,000 L water tanks, to the 10kW solar panels – we are always looking to minimise our impact on the environment and maximise our impact to sustainable farming.

Broadview ‘Certified Angus’

On their family farm in Wingeel, Leanne and Rohan are “certified” Angus farmers and some of the first farmers to join the herd back in 2012.  They are passionate about their Angus cattle, and their farm, just outside of Geelong, and conscious of sustainable herd management and pasture improvement.  Leanne is one of those crazy horse women and divides her time between a job, her horses and the farm as so many local farmers do. Rohan is a born and bred farmer, from a dairy farming lineage; managing cattle flows through his veins and it shows in the quality of the Broadview Herd. Prior to Sage, they were selling through saleyards, but that didn’t sit right with the philosophy of how they raised their herd…insert Sage and a supply alliance as well as a wonderful friendship was struck.

Hillside Lamb- Craig and Jodie

Farming Lamb on a moderate acreage on the Inverleigh hillside are Craig and Jodie.  They joined Sage in 2013 when the Sagebeef label expanded to include the Sagelamb label.  Raising one daughter, they run a small flock of quality white Suffolk. Craig lives and breathes farming…not only running their own small but impressive entity but also working professionally in the farming sector.  They eagerly joined Sage when they became aware of it, not only because of its ethical farming principles but also because of its fair market reward for farmers- the way it places a monetary value on grass fed stock. Viable option for grass fed farmers all year round- something that many other meat producers do not do.

Peter and Janine, Little River

Peter and Janine McNaughton are true traditional season round multi- faceted farmers who works with the land year round.  They have raised their 4 children on their fourth generation Little River farm.   They are heavily involved in the local community, having been involved with the local pony club with Peter as the district commissioner, and Janine as Secretary, in the past when their children were riding.  The McNaughton’s farm both beef, with their low line Angus herd, and lamb, with their blackface Suffolk herd and Angora goats.  Live is busy on a farm where traditional farming practises are followed and stock are valued as part of family. Again Peter loves what Sage stands for and the way his farming practises are fairly rewarded.  Something that often ebbs and flow with the market at the saleyards.  Sage understands the commitment that farmers make to grass feeding, especially when the rain doesn’t fall.

Kate and Frank, Fox Creek

Frank and Kate are an English and American couple who are farming in Australia, Ormsley. On their 500 acre Geelong farm, Fox Creek, they raise Ardeno Hereford cattle. They are passionate about land management, as evidenced by their demonstrated sustainable grazing practises. A live example is their herd size which they maintain at levels that are practical not only for good times but also for the leaner times as well. Frank and Kate joined Sage late in 2014 and have had their beef featured on the menu at Farmer’s Place in Angelsea Rd Torquay. They joined Sage after learning about it through local farming networks. They were thrilled to have a viable alternate to saleyards and the possibility of live export of the stock they had so lovingly tendered. They love Sages supply processes where cattle move as stress-free as possible from farm to abattoir.

Gen and Ian, Ashbala, Murghbuloch

Gen  and her husband Ian, left the big smoke in a tree change and joined Chris as original members of the herd in 2011. Sage thinks of Ian and Gen as family….because, in a real sense they are!  Gen is Chris’s sister and until recently worked in the business.  These days she is content to supply the family cattle (as she runs after her children on a day to day basis).  As when Sage was founded, Gen and Ian want a vehicle to bring their premium ethically raised grass fed beef direct to consumers, avoiding saleyards and feedlots. They run a quality herd of Braunveih cattle (hailing from Switzerland, the second oldest breed globally).  They not only produce cattle with excellent marbelling, they also keep one of the heritage breeds commercially available.