Sage Farm- La Finca

Hereford & Hereford / Braunvieh cross –

The original Sage Farm, located in between the thriving Bannockburn and the lovely Lethbridge, La Finca is the home of Farmer Chris and his family. La Finca also hosts Sage’s on farm butchery (PrimeSafe accredited). Whilst the property is modest in size, it supports a herd of hereford cattle that is 100% grass fed, all year round, thanks to Chris’s regenerative farming practises which include a purpose built fodder sprouting unit which is used toprovide green grass to the La Finca herd year round. “Sustainable”is the first letter ofour company’s name and hence it would beno surprise we take it very seriously. As stewards ofour farm we have spent the last 14 years looking tocontinually improve our land in ever increasingly challenging climate change.

Our environmentally sustainability approach includes dedicating not less than 15% ofour land to revegetation projects for local wildlife and indigenous trees, being an advocate of“Geelong Compost’s”on-farm composting program, rotational stocking of livestock and only using biological inputs for our paddocks. In addition, we have invested in sustainable on farm infrastructure including solar, water storage, recycled shipping containers and grass feed sprouting technology, that provides fresh grass each day even during periods ofdraught. Sage’s long term goal istobe come a completely self sufficient small acreage farm, employing local staff to feed the local community. Sage continues to invest in renewable, self sufficient technology and practices. This includes energy harnessing (10kW solar system), water capture (330,000 litre tank system), on farm resource recycling (on-farm composting, industrial mulcher), and active scavenge-repurpose-reuse program thats uses commercial / residential waste for infra-structure projects.

–we are always looking to minimise our impact on the environment and maximise ourimpact to sustainable farming.